SMART Monitoring

With HeartCheck™ SMART Monitoring, you can enjoy the peace of mind of having your heart rhythm analyzed and interpreted by a physician, ECG Coordinating Centre, or both, at any time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection*

* The free GEMS™ Home software will need to be installed in order to upload your heart rhythm files containing your ECGs.

How SMART Monitoring works

Using the HeartCheck™ PEN device, simply take heart readings the moment you feel any symptoms.
Using the USB cable provided, connect the device to your PC and run GEMS™ Home to upload your heart rhythm files containing your ECGs to a physician or ECG Coordinating Centre.
Once uploaded, a physician, ECG Coordinating Centre technician, or both, will view and analyze the results of your ECG and heart rhythms.
The ECG Coordinating Centre or physician will create an ECG report on your heart analysis identifying any potential issues. The report will be made available on your PC through the GEMS™ Home application.

SMART Monitoring Rates

ECG Review and Report: USD$ 4.99
ECG interpretation by Physician: USD$ 12.50

Whether you experience chest pain, palpitations, a fast or forceful heartbeat, or small variations of an otherwise normal heartbeat, HeartCheck™ SMART Monitoring coupled with a HeartCheck™ handheld ECG device is an effective tool that may help detect and prevent the occurence of a sudden cardiac arrhythmia.

* The HeartCheck™ PEN can be unlocked to view your ECG waveform by CardioComm Solutions, Inc under the direction of a physician.