Using the HeartCheck™ PEN Handheld ECG Device; an innovative new product licensed by Health Canada for non-prescription use, your customers can now take ECG recordings from inside your pharmacy in only 30 seconds.

The recording is saved within the device and can be printed or transmitted to a 24/7 SMART ECG Monitoring Service where; a physician interpreted ECG Analysis Report is provided to your customers within the hour.

Background on our Company

Below are links to our research work to illustrate that we are an accepted technology and are proven in being able to screen and monitor ECGs for the monitoring and detection of arrhythmias.

CardioComm Solutions and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Partner to Perform Community Based ECG Screening in Support of the "Screen for Atrial Fibrillation Everywhere (SAFE)" Study ...
CardioComm Solutions Establishes Research Partnership with University of Texas at Austin for HeartCheck™ ECG Services in Clinical Neuroendocrinology ...

CardioComm Solutions Completes Technology Pilot in the Long-Term Patient Care Market with the HeartCheck™ ECG Monitor and SMART Monitoring ECG Service Technologies ...
CardioComm Solutions to Offer Free SMART Monitoring ECG Readings to HeartCheck™ Device Owners through GEMS Home in the United States ...

CardioComm Solutions' HeartCheck™ ECG Screening Technologies Superior to Pulse Check for Atrial Fibrillation Screening and Detection ...
CardioComm Solutions' HeartCheck™ Technologies to be used in Canadian Clinical Arrhythmia Risk Screening and Stoke Prevention Trial ...


Jennifer White’s Story
About Long QT Syndrome
Long QT syndrome & torsade de pointes

Trying the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN

To assist you in getting acquainted with the use of the device, testing how ECG reporting works/looks and to orient your pharmacy team on how the device may be used, we recommend that the store purchase a device from its inventory and we would set up your HeartCheck™ ECG PEN device and the associated GEMS Home software with free physician ECG interpretations under a training program.

Selling the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN

As outlined on the in-store materials that are available to you, the intent is to identify which of your patients may best benefit from using the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN. The groups of highest relevance who would gain the greatest benefit and risk reduction are listed below.

  1. Heart Failure patients as are at risk for arrhythmias as well as cardiac dys-synchrony and therefore sudden cardiac death
  2. Hypertensive patients and anyone over 65 years of age as they are at highest risk for atrial fibrillation and therefore are at a 5 time greater risk for having a stroke.
  3. Patients who have undergone or experienced a cardiac event or cardiac procedure within the past 6 months as they are at risk for arrhythmias such as AF
  4. Patients who are being prescribed medications that may cause prolonged QT interval as they are at risk for sudden cardiac death
  5. Patients who present at the pharmacy who are looking for advise because they are unwell with symptoms such as feeling dizzy/light-headed, having irregular/slow/fast/changing heart rates
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You can now offer an option to Screen for QT Interval Prolongation prior to the start of such medications and during the course of treatment. LEARN MORE ...

Join the HeartCheck™ Partner Program

If you have an interest to join our HeartCheck™ Partner Program to offer ECG screening services to your patients and customers, we would convert the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN that was purchased by your store into a Partner Program device. We would coordinate an in-pharmacy training session to get you set up and trained and then be available to assist you by phone as needed. The ECG reading service would have each interpreted ECG report completed and provided to the Pharmacy within 24 hours.The report would be in the format of the sample reports.

Resources and In-store Brochures

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